Get 5G+ Speed Using 2021 New Jio APN Setting | Up to 150 MB

Get 5G+ Speed Using 2021 New Jio APN Setting | Up to 150 MB

Get 256MB 4G+ Speed Using 2021 New APN Setting for Jio, airtel Vi, etc

New APN Setting

I showed you a very powerful setting on your device. it's work 100% to boost your interest speed up to the maximum limit. This tricks and tips working on all SIM Card (Airtel, Vi, Jio etc.).


low speed test results phone  


Tricks and Tips

Step 1

1st, go to your phone "settings". Then click to "Sim card and mobile network".

2nd step

Select your SIM Card to boost your interest speed. Then find the access point name (APN) and create a new APN.

3rd step

Open a new APN blank page and type the same below this step.


Fill to properly, Then apply the new APN setting.

 1st, Name option "Ninja Proxima AI". Next, APN "JioNet". Then go to Username "@microproxy2.7". Fill the Server "www.microsoft.com". Don't change MCC & MNC, It is your area pin.


Next step, Tap on Authentication type and change "PAP or CHAP". Then, go APN protocol to change "IPv4/IPv6". Same as APN roaming protocol "IPv4/IPv6". Next, one of the most important setting Bearer, Unselete 1st "Unspecified". Then Sleeted "LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, eHRPD, EVDO_B, EVDO_A, EVDO_D, 1xRTT, IS95B, IS95A. Show any problem/ Disable, Tap on LTE and press OK. Next Step, go to save this New APN Setting.

**Note :- Don;t any extra changes. Follow the introductions. This setting are applied 24 Hours.

Step 4

Select the New APN "Ninja Proxima AI".



Other information

  1. Google.com
  2. TechnoMind Ujjwal  
thank you for your help and support.

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